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Help "Shine The Light" In 2022!

Long after the holidays are over, "Shine The Light" is truly that gift that keeps on giving.

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$25,000 goal

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Make A Lasting Impact When You "Shine The Light."

'Tis the season to deck the halls, trim the tree, and find just the right gifts for the special people on your Christmas list. While the holidays can be magical and full of cheer, they can also be daunting and overwhelming…especially when it comes to gift-giving. With each passing year, most of us realize that we don’t need more “things” cluttering our shelves and closets. If you want to make a difference by giving gifts that are actually useful, meaningful, and even life-changing, you can do that when you “Shine The Light.”

You give much more than a donation to the Good Samaritan Clinic when you choose to “Shine The Light.” You give healing, health and hope; and you give compassion, treatment, and dignity. You give people a brighter future. When you “Shine The Light,” you make an immediate as well as a long-term impact. And 100% of your gift stays right here in our community to help our neighbors in need. What could be better than that? We would love to introduce you to some incredible people whose lives have been changed because someone chose to “Shine The Light.”

Laurie was a married mother of two who decided to go back to college when she was in her forties. In addition to being a busy wife, mom and full-time student, she also worked a part-time job. Shortly after Laurie went back to school, her husband left her. She suddenly became a divorced, single mom with no insurance. To make matters worse, she suffered from a pre-existing medical condition and could no longer afford her required medications. Imagine the relief she felt when she got the treatment and medicines that she needed at the Good Samaritan Clinic. Because of the help she received, Laurie was able to keep working and stay in school. She earned her secondary education degree from UAFS and has been a teacher in the area for several years. She is grateful to have a rewarding career with insurance and benefits, but certainly remembers when that was not the case. Laurie will always be thankful for the help she received at one of the most difficult times in her life. She said, “The Good Samaritan Clinic was the biggest blessing to my family and me.”

Yasmeen’s family relocated to Arkansas when she was a teenager. She became ill shortly after the move and neither of her parents had insurance at the time. She said, “My mother heard about the clinic and took me there. I got the diagnosis, treatment and medicine that I needed to make me feel much better.” Yasmeen credits the Good Samaritan Clinic with coming to her family’s rescue on several occasions. She says the clinic gave light to her family during a dark time. Yasmeen is currently a college student studying organizational leadership. In addition to her part-time job as a barista, she also works with a group that teaches healthy habits to low-income families. The kindness that she experienced at the Good Samaritan Clinic impacted her life and influenced her desire to help others.

For the past four years, Moises has been a patient at the Good Samaritan Clinic. He is in his sixties, and has diabetes and high blood pressure. Though he has serious health issues, he is one of the happiest, most grateful humans that you could ever meet. He visits the clinic weekly in order for the staff to help him organize his pill box and give him the insulin he needs. Moises does not speak English, but his warm smile says it all: he is thankful to be surrounded by compassionate Good Samaritans who go the extra mile to take care of him.

The Good Samaritan Clinic has helped improve these lives along with numerous others. We help heal those who have nowhere else to go. We give hope during the darkest times. And we do these things because people such as you decided to “Shine The Light.” Individuals and families throughout our region are struggling. With skyrocketing prices for gas, food, and utilities, a growing number of people simply do not have the means or opportunity for health insurance. That is why the Good Samaritan Clinic exists: to provide medical care for the uninsured and underserved in our community. Even though the economy is uncertain and we have been hit hard by increased operating expenses, our mission has not changed. We are here to improve the health in our region by providing access to compassionate, quality healthcare.

In order to serve our community, we need YOU to help us "Shine The Light."

Choosing to “Shine The Light” is easy and convenient. Simply send a donation to the Good Samaritan Clinic in the amount of your choice. Email us a list of people (and their addresses) that you wish to honor or remember this holiday season. We will send each person or family on your list an acknowledgment card notifying them of your generous gift. (The donation amount will not be listed on the card.) “Shine The Light” is the perfect gift for relatives, friends, colleagues, service providers and more. Just send in a donation, along with your list of recipients and their addresses, and let us do the rest. Your gift will make the season brighter for those you are honoring, and will help improve the wellbeing of people just like Laurie, Yasmeen and Moises.

We can hardly wait to hear more stories of lives being changed because of your generosity. Thank you for giving thoughtfully. Thank you for making a difference. Thank you for being a Good Samaritan. Thank you for choosing to “Shine The Light."

Good Samaritan Clinic Address: 615 N. B St. Fort Smith, AR 72901